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Falling in love with fictional characters

Have you ever fallen in love with a fictional character? It seems that, especially in the world of YA and teen fiction, falling head over heels for someone who doesn’t exist is a fairly common occurrence, and as… Read More

How to make your crush fall in love with you (according to books)

Chocolates and flowers not working? Moonlight serenade beneath her window cut short by the police? Don’t worry, if you want to make your crush fall in love with you, here are some techniques from literature that you could… Read More

7 Valentine’s gift ideas for book lovers

Book lovers can be easy to buy for (you know what their passion is, after all!). But they can also be incredibly difficult: what if you buy a book they hate? What if they’ve already read it? Argh!… Read More

The 5 (real) greatest love stories of all time

We all know the sad tale of┬áRomeo and Juliet, Gatsby’s doomed love is instantly recognisable, and there’s certainly no getting away from┬áPride and Prejudice. But there are plenty of other love stories in literature that don’t get nearly… Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day!