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33. ‘Names for the Sea’ by Sarah Moss

In 2009, the year of the global financial crisis, Sarah Moss moved to Iceland with her husband and two children. She had got a job at the university there, so for a year they decided to try out… Read More

32. ‘Flights’ by Olga Tokarczuk

An Olga Tokarczuk novel is a mosaic – this is how she described it when I saw her at Hay Festival earlier this year. I’ve never read anything by Tokarczuk before, but Flights seemed like a good place to… Read More

My favourite books of the year so far

We’re a little over halfway through the year now, and I’ve been enjoying seeing other people’s lists of their favourite books so far, so I thought I’d make one myself! Here are the books that I’ve really enjoyed… Read More

22. ‘Icebreaker’ by Horatio Clare

I bought Horatio Clare’s love letter to sea ice, Icebreaker, after seeing him talk about it at the Hay Festival last month. Actually, I’ve been wanting to read his work for a while, ever since I saw him interview Philip Pullman… Read More

67. ‘The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet’ by Becky Chambers

Oh boy, I went on a bit of a rollercoaster with this book, and even though it’s a week since I read it, I still haven’t entirely decided what I think about it. The first thing to mention… Read More