Tag: time travel

19. ‘Anachronism’ by Jennifer Lee Rossman

Today’s review – of Anachronism by Jennifer Lee Rossman – will be a little bit different, because Jennifer herself is here to talk about the story behind her new novella. Anachronism is a story about time travel, involving a visitor… Read More

40. ‘Children of Time’ by Adrian Tchaikovsky

I got through the first half of this book in a week; I got through the second half in one greedy Sunday. Children of Time is truly deserving of that much-overused adjective: ‘epic’. OK, the premise for this one… Read More

39. ‘Arcadia’ by Iain Pears

Have you ever read a book that came so highly recommended it couldn’t possibly live up to the idea you had of it in your head? Yeh, that was Arcadia for me. Arcadia is set across multiple times and… Read More