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On not reading the book: ‘The Girl on the Train’

Last week I saw The Girl on the Train. Not only did I not read the book first, I didn’t want to. The Girl on the Train was the book of last year. It sold millions of copies in its… Read More

51. ‘Keep You Close’ by Lucie Whitehouse

Keep You Close opens with a woman climbing onto a roof. Someone is there, waiting for her, paper in hand, and when they see her look over the dizzying edge they tell her to jump. This book has a… Read More

43. ‘Thirst’ by Benjamin Warner

I like a good ‘what if’ story. What if dragons existed? What if everyone went blind? What if a man got stranded on Mars with only a potato for company? Thirst is Benjamin Warner’s ‘what if’ thriller, and… Read More

39. ‘Arcadia’ by Iain Pears

Have you ever read a book that came so highly recommended it couldn’t possibly live up to the idea you had of it in your head? Yeh, that was Arcadia for me. Arcadia is set across multiple times and… Read More

Q&A with Liz Nugent (BLOG TOUR)

You may remember that a couple of years ago I read (and loved!) Unravelling Oliver, Liz Nugent’s debut novel, published by Penguin. Well, Liz is back with her second book, Lying in Wait, and it’s a dark, thrilling adventure with… Read More