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43. ‘Labyrinths’ by Jorge Luis Borges

I first read a Borges short story when I was at university. I loved it, bought his collection Labyrinths, and then left it sitting on my shelf for years. At last I’ve read it, and his writing is every bit… Read More

An interview with Colin Fisher

Colin Fisher is a Scottish writer, living and working in Madrid. After reading my review of Ryu Murakami’s alternative history, From the Fatherland with Love, Colin sent me his own alternative history: A Republic of Wolves, A City of Ghosts…. Read More

24. ‘The Alienist’ by Machado de Assis

The Book: Everybody has quirks. For example, I hate creased book spines. I don’t mind if I get a secondhand, pre-creased book, but if I’m the one to do the damage I’m filled with remorse and a feeling… Read More

9. ‘Heart of Tango’ by Elia Barceló

The Book: This a very short but passionate book, filled with striking characters, that ends with a twist you definitely won’t see coming. I found it a little confusing to get into at first: the opening chapters deal… Read More

45. ‘Final Exam’ by Julio Cortázar

The Book: [CONTAINS SPOILERS] For a significant part of this book, I didn’t really know what was going on, and that’s the way I like it. I love writers who evoke rather than describe, writers who aren’t afraid… Read More