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Prepping for the Space Readathon!

This week is the Space Readathon, an annual readathon run by Sanne at the YouTube channel booksandquills. I’ve never participated before, but when I saw her video this year I thought I just had to join in! The… Read More

39. ‘Space Opera’ by Catherynne M. Valente

This book is absolutely nuts. That’s not an original opinion – it was written to be that way – and it’s a good thing! I dove into Space Opera when I was in the height of a personal crisis,… Read More

37. ‘Gateway’ by Frederik Pohl

Gateway drew me in with its solid sci-fi grounding: space exploration, alien technology and characters living on the verge of earth-shattering discoveries. Unfortunately, it was published in 1976, so it really is the epitome of ‘great sci-fi, shame… Read More

27. ‘Mortal Engines’ by Philip Reeve

You might have seen that Mortal Engines – Philip Reeve’s futuristic, steampunk, YA series from the early 2000s – has been made into a movie. It’s out in December this year, and I wanted to read the first book… Read More

Trevor Hoyle responded to my review

Last summer I reviewed The Last Gasp by Trevor Hoyle. As with most books I read, I had some positive things to say about it and some negative things. The negative things mainly revolved around my usual problems with ‘older’… Read More