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33. ‘Names for the Sea’ by Sarah Moss

In 2009, the year of the global financial crisis, Sarah Moss moved to Iceland with her husband and two children. She had got a job at the university there, so for a year they decided to try out… Read More

Books for autumnal weather

Well, that heatwave was something, wasn’t it? I for one love reading in the heat, but there’s no doubt that the best time for curling up with a book is in autumn, when it’s raining outside and you… Read More

63. ‘The Tidal Zone’ by Sarah Moss

I read Signs for Lost Children by Sarah Moss earlier this year, and then a few months later The Tidal Zone started doing the rounds on BookTube, with many fantastic vloggers simply raving about it. I was lucky enough to get The Tidal Zone for my birthday,… Read More

12. ‘Signs for Lost Children’ by Sarah Moss

Two things made me take this book out of the library. First, this rather pretty cover inspired my to pick it up. Second, the blurb reads, ‘Tom Cavendish goes to Japan to build lighthouses and his wife Ally… Read More