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So good, I had to stop reading

“I couldn’t put it down” is common praise for a really good book. It means that the story is so interesting, the characters so compelling that you just have to carry on reading. But have you ever come across… Read More

A Year of Reading: 2016

If you read my Book Awards last week then you will know that I read 68 books last year. But I have a lot more information about my reading than that… Come with me, if you will, and indulge… Read More

On keeping count

I recently watched Ariel Bissett’s excellent video ‘Should We Always Track Our Reading?‘, in which she talked about keeping count of the books she reads and the pressure that book-tracking can put on a reader. I have thoughts! Obviously… Read More

Can reading make you live longer?

We already know that reading can make you less stressed, more intelligent and better at concentrating, but now some scientists are saying that it could make you live longer too! According to a study published in the journal… Read More

3 graphic novels by women

It’s time for another triple graphic novel review, and this time all of the books I’ll be reviewing have been written by women (two by the same woman, ‘cos she’s pretty great). It’s always nice to celebrate women… Read More