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Books for autumnal weather

Well, that heatwave was something, wasn’t it? I for one love reading in the heat, but there’s no doubt that the best time for curling up with a book is in autumn, when it’s raining outside and you… Read More

#TheMyths from Canongate

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen that I received a very exciting parcel a couple of weeks ago. It contained Canongate’s #TheMyths series, a collection of six short books examining and retelling some of history’s most… Read More

7. ‘The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ’ by Philip Pullman

What if the story of Christianity was different? What if Jesus had been a twin, and his brother was the one who collected the stories of his life and compiled them into the Bible? This is the world… Read More

Philip Pullman in conversation with Horatio Clare

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to go and see Philip Pullman, the creator of His Dark Materials, in conversation with travel and nature writer Horatio Clare in Cardiff’s Millennium Centre. The two of them talked,… Read More

42. ‘The Book of Dust: La Belle Sauvage’ by Philip Pullman

I’ve been waiting for The Book of Dust for a long time. Of course, you know this, because I’ve been banging on about it for quite a few months now! Earlier this week I went to the midnight launch of… Read More