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Round-up: May 2015

It’s almost the end of Maya Angelou month at 50ayear. It’s taken me almost a year to read her entire autobiography, and it’ll be strange to say goodbye to this writer who I’ve gotten so used to. This… Read More

Maya Angelou: The activist

Last week I looked at Maya Angelou’s life in the entertainment industry. This week I shine a spotlight on Angelou’s life as a civil rights activist, her relationships with the movement’s major leaders and her reaction to their… Read More

17. ‘A Song Flung Up To Heaven’ by Maya Angelou

It’s taken just about a year for me to work my way through Maya Angelou’s epic autobiography (‘epic’ being an overused word that is definitely not an exaggeration in this case). It started with I Know Why The Caged… Read More

Maya Angelou: The entertainer

Maya Angelou’s collection of autobiographies, starting with I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, give a fascinating insight into the life of this well-known writer and civil rights activist. But did you know that she was also an entertainer… Read More

15. ‘All God’s Children Need Travelling Shoes’ by Maya Angelou

The last time we left Maya Angelou’s autobiography she was living in Ghana, having left her African husband, and she was tending to her son who was in hospital after a car accident with a broken neck. All God’s… Read More