Tag: magical realism

17. ‘Dark Tales’ by Shirley Jackson

Before reading Dark Tales, my only knowledge of Shirley Jackson was that iconic and brilliant story ‘The Lottery’. That one gave me delicious chills, so the opportunity to read a whole collection of Jackson’s creepy stories was a no-brainer!… Read More

16. ‘Fen’ by Daisy Johnson

I saw Fen by Daisy Johnson all over BookTube a couple of years ago and wanted to read it, so I was pleased when it was chosen as the next read for my sci-fi and fantasy book club. I… Read More

14. ‘City of the Beasts’ by Isabel Allende

It’s not often that I reread a book, but I loved City of the Beasts as a child and so I thought it would be interesting to read it as an adult and see if I still got that… Read More

5. ‘Autumn’ by Ali Smith

I’m a little late to the party with Ali Smith’s seasonal ‘state of the nation’ series: Autumn was released in 2016, and the sequel, Winter, came out last year. But better late than never, and even if these books are… Read More

25. ‘The Unreal and the Real’ (Vol. 1) by Ursula K. Le Guin

I took The Unreal and the Real out of the library because I really wanted to read some sci-fi short stories by a woman, and Ursula K. Le Guin seems like the no-brainer choice of female sci-fi writers. Then… Read More