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41. ‘Skylight’ by José Saramago

There’s a very interesting story behind Skylight, one of the first novels Saramago wrote but which wasn’t published until after his death. Saramago submitted his novel Skylight to a publisher in Lisbon in 1953. He didn’t hear back from… Read More

4. ‘Seeing’ by José Saramago

The Book: This is the sequel to ‘Blindness‘, which I read last year, and I am delighted that there’s more to this story. ‘Seeing’ is set in the same country as the first book, four years after the… Read More

17. ‘Blindness’ by José Saramago

The Book: In an unnamed city a line of traffic sits at a red light. The light goes green but one of the cars doesn’t move. The driver has suddenly gone blind and, eventually, this strange ‘white blindness’… Read More