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12. ‘Gold’ by Isaac Asimov

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Isaac Asimov, but having read Gold – the final collection of his short stories and essays – I think I now know (and love) this legend of science fiction even more…. Read More

44. ‘Foundation’s Edge’ by Isaac Asimov

Last time I checked in on Asimov’s Foundation universe in Second Foundation, the First Foundation was trying to rid itself of the power of the Second Foundation, and it believed it had done so. This book reveals that they didn’t… Read More

24. ‘Foundation and Empire’ and 25. ‘Second Foundation’ by Isaac Asimov

I’m gradually working my way through Isaac Asimov’s epic Foundation series (and loving it!) so this week I have a double book review of the next two instalments: Foundation and Empire and Second Foundation. Foundation and Empire is the second book… Read More

11. ‘Prelude to Foundation’ by Isaac Asimov

I was desperate to read Asimov’s Foundation series for ages, and I spent most of last year looking for Foundation books in every secondhand store I went into. In the end I had to borrow the first book, Foundation, from… Read More

32. ‘Foundation’ by Isaac Asimov

I’ve been wanting to read Asimov’s iconic sci-fi series for just ages. In fact, I spent a few months looking for the first book, Foundation, in every bookshop I went into but I couldn’t find it anywhere (and I had… Read More