Tag: horror

17. ‘Dark Tales’ by Shirley Jackson

Before reading Dark Tales, my only knowledge of Shirley Jackson was that iconic and brilliant story ‘The Lottery’. That one gave me delicious chills, so the opportunity to read a whole collection of Jackson’s creepy stories was a no-brainer!… Read More

45. ‘The Loney’ by Andrew Michael Hurley

Last week I went to my first ever book group: a sci-fi and fantasy group in Bath. It was extremely fun, even though the first read (The Loney) was more of a Halloween special and not really sci-fi. Still, I had a… Read More

29. ‘Under the Skin’ by Michel Faber

There’s a story behind how I came to read Under the Skin. I mean, I was always going to, but there’s a story behind how I came to read it now. It happened because Michel Faber emailed me…. Read More

16. ‘The Dumb House’ by John Burnside

I am writing this review of John Burnside’s The Dumb House a mere hour after finishing the book. Usually I leave myself a little longer to let things percolate (at least a few days), but a) I’m running out… Read More

Death and madness in small packages

This week I’m reviewing two shorter books – a collection of poetry, and a (very tiny) collection of short stories. Although these books at first seem very different (one is poetry by a 21st-century man and the other… Read More