Tag: historical

40. ‘Seven Deadly Swords’ by Peter Sutton

Peter Sutton’s latest novel, Seven Deadly Swords, is a tale that spans centuries – from the Crusades to the modern day – and entangles its characters in war, religion and strange magic. If you’re looking for your next fantasy… Read More

21. ‘Alias Grace’ by Margaret Atwood

I chose to read Alias Grace partly because I wanted to read the book before I watched the TV show, and partly because I wanted a big, already battered book to take with me to the Hay Festival. It turned… Read More

55. ‘How to be both’ by Ali Smith

I’ve owned How to be both for a while, but it was seeing Ali Smith in conversation with Kamila Shamsie at my local Waterstones recently that inspired me to finally pick it up. I hadn’t read any Ali Smith… Read More

Double review: ‘The Good Immigrant’ and ‘Sapiens’

Recently, I have been loving non-fiction. I was partly inspired by Non-Fiction November, a reading challenge that was all over YouTube last month, encouraging people to read non-fiction. I decided to give it a go, and today I’ve… Read More

50. ‘The Essex Serpent’ by Sarah Perry

Reading The Essex Serpent made me realise that I love a very specific genre: a rebellious woman scandalises a Victorian-esque society by tramping around the countryside looking for a semi-mythical, dragon-like creature. (I told you it was very specific.) This… Read More