Tag: fantasy

40. ‘Seven Deadly Swords’ by Peter Sutton

Peter Sutton’s latest novel, Seven Deadly Swords, is a tale that spans centuries – from the Crusades to the modern day – and entangles its characters in war, religion and strange magic. If you’re looking for your next fantasy… Read More

36. ‘City of Saints and Madmen’ by Jeff VanderMeer

I went through a lot of feelings with this book. I bought it because it seemed to jump off the shelf at me. I wasn’t sure why (perhaps that gorgeous cover), but I just had to get it. Then… Read More

34. ‘Sorcerer to the Crown’ by Zen Cho

Sorcerer to the Crown is the first in Zen Cho’s ‘Sorcerer Royal’ trilogy, and I read it for my book club last month. It’s a magical romp that’s quite good fun but, for me, nothing to write home… Read More

24. ‘Small Gods’ by Terry Pratchett

Like so many people, I’d heard readers rave about Terry Pratchett for years, but I’d never got round to reading him myself. The most common problem, I think, is knowing where to start. Discworld is a vast collection… Read More

17. ‘Dark Tales’ by Shirley Jackson

Before reading Dark Tales, my only knowledge of Shirley Jackson was that iconic and brilliant story ‘The Lottery’. That one gave me delicious chills, so the opportunity to read a whole collection of Jackson’s creepy stories was a no-brainer!… Read More