Tag: family saga

31. ‘Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit’ by Jeanette Winterson

It’s a little difficult for me to review this book, partly because I read it in a single day nearly two months ago, and partly because Jeanette Winterson’s work is always so complex and philosophical that it’s tricky… Read More

12. ‘Elmet’ by Fiona Mozley

I’ve been reading a lot of sci-fi recently, so when I decided to pick up Elmet by Fiona Mozley (nominated for the Man Booker last year), I was weirdly a little apprehensive about reading something ‘literary’ again. Fortunately, I really… Read More

54. ‘Beyond the Pale’ by Emily Urquhart

Continuing my recent interest in non-fiction, I picked up Beyond the Pale by Emily Urquhart at my local library, after hearing it talked about a few times on YouTube. This is Urquhart’s account of giving birth to a daughter with… Read More

25. ‘The Unreal and the Real’ (Vol. 1) by Ursula K. Le Guin

I took The Unreal and the Real out of the library because I really wanted to read some sci-fi short stories by a woman, and Ursula K. Le Guin seems like the no-brainer choice of female sci-fi writers. Then… Read More

21. ‘Swimming Lessons’ by Claire Fuller

Half present-day narrative, half letters written in the past, Claire Fuller’s Swimming Lessons uses an interesting structure to tell the story of a family troubled by disappearance and betrayal. But before I review it, let’s just take a moment… Read More