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26. ‘Johnny Got His Gun’ by Dalton Trumbo

This is by far the saddest book I’ve ever read. And, given that I love sad books and actively seek them out, that is quite an achievement. When I started Johnny Got His Gun, I didn’t really have any… Read More

18. ‘Thinkless’ by Sophie McCook

Thinkless came out of a rather unusual experiment. In 2011, whilst working on an Open University course (and not doing terribly well at it), screenwriter and editor Sophie McCook decided to write a novel. Over the next 80 days… Read More

That bloody irritating Kindle ad

WARNING! What follows is a petty and ultimately pointless rant, but it’s my blog and I’ll cry if I want to.   There’s been an advert on TV recently that’s been driving me INSANE. What’s driving me even… Read More

Fifty shades of … what?

There’s something on my Kindle! Ew … get it off, get it off! Monday 2 June. Watch this space.

13. ‘An Artist of the Floating World’ by Kazuo Ishiguro

This is my third Ishiguro book and probably my least favourite. It has the same calm, melancholic voice that is so characteristic of Ishiguro, but I didn’t find the premise of Floating World as engaging as Never Let Me Go… Read More