Tag: 2014

50. ‘The Robber Bride’ by Margaret Atwood

Obviously Margaret Atwood is brilliant. I’ve read three of her novels now (is that all?) and she is consistently engaging, complex and twisted enough to make her (often hefty) novels absolutely fly by. The Robber Bride is no exception…. Read More

49. ‘Shahnameh’ by Ferdowsi

Last year this book was waiting for me under the Christmas tree, and unwrapping it was an absolute treat. It’s huge, weighty, hardback and printed in full colour on every single page. This thing is an absolutely amazing… Read More

48. ‘Hyperbole and a Half’ by Allie Brosh

If you haven’t heard of Hyperbole and a Half, here you go. It’s a blog, an absolutely brilliant blog, far better than this one. Go and read it now. I’m telling you, you won’t regret it. When I first discovered Hyperbole,… Read More

46. ‘A Winter Book’ and 47. ‘Moomin: Volume One’ by Tove Jansson

For the first time ever, I’m here with a DOUBLE book review! As you may know, I recently went on holiday to Lapland in Finland, and was inspired to read some books by perhaps Finland’s most famous writer… Read More

45. ‘Gather Together in My Name’ by Maya Angelou

I once watched a video in which Maya Angelou explained the title of the second volume of her autobiography: Gather Together in My Name. It does have Biblical origins, but she also said that many adults tend to lie to… Read More