Tag: 2013

51. ‘A Dance with Dragons: Dreams and Dust’ by George RR Martin

Read my review of A Feast for Crows. [SO MANY SPOILERS] At last, I’ve almost caught up with all the books that are currently out in this series! I have to get a shift on though, because my housemate… Read More

50. ‘The Pleasures of Autumn’ by Evie Hunter

My only real experience with erotic literature has been, unfortunately, the Fifty Shades trilogy. Given that those books are unutterable crap, I haven’t exactly had a great introduction to the genre, which is why I jumped at the… Read More

47. ‘A Feast for Crows’ by George RR Martin

Read my review of A Storm of Swords: Blood and Gold. [GOES WITHOUT SAYING, SPOILERS GALORE] I took a six month break from this series so I was quite daunted about getting back into it, in case I couldn’t… Read More

An interview with Deborah Valentine

Today I’m talking to Deborah Valentine, a British author who has been both traditionally and self-published. She lived in California for a while but – unusually – came home after missing the British weather! Deborah’s book Unorthodox Methods is the… Read More

44. ‘Annabelle’ by Nancy Christie

There’s something about stories featuring painters that I just love – maybe it’s the use of one form of art to express another, or the (literally) colourful language. When I was doing my MA, I even wrote one… Read More