Tag: 19th century

2. ‘First Impressions’ by Charlie Lovett

I didn’t even get halfway through the first line of the blurb before I decided that I wanted this book: “Book lover and Jane Austen enthusiast Sophie Collingwood has barely started her new job at an antiquarian bookshop… Read More

40. ‘The Distracted Preacher’ by Thomas Hardy

Tess of the D’Urbervilles is the first Thomas Hardy book that I ever read, and it is one of my favourite books of all time. I think it’s fantastically, sumptuously written and makes a poignant point about the… Read More

25. ‘The Horla’ by Guy de Maupassant

The Book: The last thing I expected this book to remind me of was the Insane Clown Posse, and yet that’s exactly what happened when I read the line, “Can you see electricity? And yet it exists!” Now,… Read More

24. ‘The Alienist’ by Machado de Assis

The Book: Everybody has quirks. For example, I hate creased book spines. I don’t mind if I get a secondhand, pre-creased book, but if I’m the one to do the damage I’m filled with remorse and a feeling… Read More

18. ‘The Enchanted Wanderer’ by Nikolai Leskov

The Book: You might consider yourself hard done by if your pizza delivery arrives without that bottle of Coke you ordered, or someone posts a bitchy Facebook status that’s clearly aimed at you because the insidious passive-aggressive doesn’t… Read More