Third time lucky

I am not new to the 50 books a year challenge. I set it for myself two years ago, after seeing a TV programme featuring a tree with books hanging from its branches. The voice-over unsettled me, despite being spoken by David Tennant. He said this represented the average number of books read by one person in their lifetime. To me it looked pitifully small – I had expected there to be at least as many books as leaves.

So I kept a record of every book I read throughout the year, with the length of time it took me to read them, a star rating and a few short comments.

In 2010 I read 29 books.
In 2011 I read 40.

I did not pursue the challenge with any real vigour or determination. As the months passed I totted up what I’d read so far and thought, “I’m falling behind, but there’s still time.” There wasn’t, and I didn’t do it.

So at the beginning of 2012 – once again – I loosely set myself the target of 50. It’s already February and I’ve only finished 2 books. I’m falling behind, but there’s still time.

It seems a little structure and concentration is required, so I’m starting a blog. Every book I read I will review so that, maybe, this year will be the year I finally complete the challenge.