Alice in Wonderland – a sneak preview

My mum used to read ‘Alice In Wonderland’ to me when I was little and, of course, I adored the Disney film. But I read both ‘Wonderland’ and ‘Looking Glass’ again last year, because the story featured in my Creative Writing dissertation.

Seeing Jessica Augarde‘s fantastic new ‘Alice In Wonderland’ photo shoot inspired me to give you a sneak preview of my dissertation, which I will post in instalments on this blog some time in the future…

This section comes almost halfway through the story, at the major turning point: a book burning. After the burning, things get weird.

Mimi threw the book and it fell just short of the fire so that one of the Director’s men had to poke it in with a stick. The flames illuminated the embossed gold lettering on the cover. It was always her mother who read to her and she heard the melting title Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass reverberating around her head in her mother’s voice, as it burned.