RIP Raymond Bradbury

I found out this morning that Raymond Bradbury died on Tuesday.

His book ‘Farenheit 451’ was the major source of inspiration for my dissertation (which centres around a book burning), and his character ‘The Illustrated Man’ also makes an appearance in the story.

I love his science fiction – it is both entertaining and thought-provoking.

So here is another sneak peek from my dissertation. In this scene one of my characters wakes up to find he has become a character from somewhere else…

Tattoos covered every inch of him.  Eyes and hands and leaves clustered on his face and disappeared into his hair.  The images ran down his neck and peppered his shoulders.  His arms were covered to the fingertips, and when he opened his shirt he saw looping patterns and strange machines all over his torso.  Pulling up a trouser leg he exposed an animal he did not recognise.  The pictures were on his eyelids, the soles of his feet and in between his fingers.  He spun round and looked at his back in the mirror; it too was coated, except for a blank patch on his right shoulder blade.

Goodbye Ray Bradbury – I’m sure your work will continue to inspire many generations of writers to come. It certainly inspired me.