Bookplates, blogging and Bristol

A few exciting things are happening at the moment.

Firstly, my signed bookplate from John Green arrived in the post today! I pre-ordered ‘The Fault In Our Stars‘ last year, but when it arrived it wasn’t signed. I emailed ages ago, forgot about it, and then got a lovely surprise when I opened the letter this afternoon. I do feel a bit sorry for John, having to do even more signatures, but this Nerdfighter greatly appreciates it!

Secondly, I was on Google+ and Penguin Books UK posted the following:

Are you a book blogger? Would you like to be involved with an exciting new proof group discussion and receive advanced copies of some of our titles to review? Let us know which genre you like the most and we’ll add you to the appropriate circles. We’d also love to be involved in some hangouts with you, discussing the book with ourselves and hopefully the author! 

Naturally I signed up for it straight away, and this morning they added me to their Proof Group and Literary Fiction circles. Here’s to advanced copies and even more book reviews!

And finally, tomorrow I make The Big Move to Bristol. I am (just about) packed now, so bring it on.

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