A trip to London (and the London Book Fair!)

Last week I was in London for a few days with my boyfriend and my family and, of course, we had some bookish adventures!

london trip book haul london book fair

First up, we went to Word on the Water, a bookshop… on a barge! It’s such a cool concept, converting a narrow boat into a bookshop, because as soon as you step down into the interior you’re immediately in a cosy book cavern. They had a great selection too, including classic fiction, modern fiction, children’s books, history, biography, science and more. I only bought one book, but I’d go back there in a heartbeat for more.


I stayed a couple of days after the others went home, 1) to work for a day in the British Library and 2) to go to the London Book Fair. Both of them were awesome places, but the Book Fair was significantly more overwhelming!

london book fair

There were hundreds of stalls, from massive, big-name publishers to tiny presses and book-related companies. I walked around for hours, met quite a few people and even handed out some business cards. It was a thoroughly exhausting day but so cool to see so many books and people buzzing about books – it was really solid proof that the book industry is very far from dying.

london book fair book haul

Naturally I came back from my travels with a few books. Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut came from Word on the Water; Galaxy (a sci-fi magazine from the 70s) came from the Southbank Book Fair; and Beyond A Satin Sea, a collection of Maltese short stories, came from the London Book Fair. I’ve already read one of the stories from Galaxy – about how Earth’s creator is actually the slowest kid in his class – and it was brilliant.

Do you have any tips for more bookish places I should visit next time I’m in London? If so, I’d love to hear them!

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