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41. ‘Darkness Visible’ by Nicholas Tucker

The Book of Dust, the ‘prequel’ to Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials, is finally being released next week. I’m extremely excited, and in preparation I’ve read Nicholas Tucker’s analysis of Pullman and his groundbreaking trilogy, Darkness Visible. [This book was… Read More

40. ‘Children of Time’ by Adrian Tchaikovsky

I got through the first half of this book in a week; I got through the second half in one greedy Sunday. Children of Time is truly deserving of that much-overused adjective: ‘epic’. OK, the premise for this one… Read More

39. ‘How Not To Be A Boy’ by Robert Webb

A few weeks ago, I went to see Robert Webb talk about his new book, How Not To Be A Boy. Of course, he was very funny to listen to (it’s delightful to hear that typically Webb-ian delivery… Read More

Why do we buy books?

Having ‘too many books’ is a common problem for the people who love them. Our shelves might be overflowing and still we go and find more. Brand new, secondhand, from the library, online – it doesn’t matter. However… Read More

37./38. ‘Esio Trot’ and ‘The Magic Finger’ by Roald Dahl

There’s nothing like a Roald Dahl read for a quick pick-me-up. In the last couple of weeks I’ve read Esio Trot and The Magic Finger; the first I’ve read before, the second I haven’t. They’re the shortest books in my Roald… Read More