Category: Review

41. ‘Homo Deus’ by Yuval Noah Harari

Homo Deus is Harari’s follow-up to Sapiens. While that book charted the evolution of humanity, from the earliest days of Homo Sapiens up to the present, this one takes a look at the future, and where our ideas and our… Read More

40. ‘Seven Deadly Swords’ by Peter Sutton

Peter Sutton’s latest novel, Seven Deadly Swords, is a tale that spans centuries – from the Crusades to the modern day – and entangles its characters in war, religion and strange magic. If you’re looking for your next fantasy… Read More

39. ‘Space Opera’ by Catherynne M. Valente

This book is absolutely nuts. That’s not an original opinion – it was written to be that way – and it’s a good thing! I dove into Space Opera when I was in the height of a personal crisis,… Read More

37. ‘Gateway’ by Frederik Pohl

Gateway drew me in with its solid sci-fi grounding: space exploration, alien technology and characters living on the verge of earth-shattering discoveries. Unfortunately, it was published in 1976, so it really is the epitome of ‘great sci-fi, shame… Read More

36. ‘City of Saints and Madmen’ by Jeff VanderMeer

I went through a lot of feelings with this book. I bought it because it seemed to jump off the shelf at me. I wasn’t sure why (perhaps that gorgeous cover), but I just had to get it. Then… Read More