Category: Interviews

An interview with Christine Rice

For this week’s interview I’m talking to Christine Rice about her book of useful essays: Articles for the Mind. Christine has been an author since 2007 and has written four other books: Freelance Writing Guide, My Not-So-Ordinary Life, Essays for… Read More

An interview (and giveaway!) with Niamh Boyce

Today I’m joined by new Irish writer Niamh Boyce. She has recently published her debut novel The Herbalist, and the good people at Penguin put us in touch with each other for an interview. I’m also going to be giving… Read More

An interview with Colin Fisher

Colin Fisher is a Scottish writer, living and working in Madrid. After reading my review of Ryu Murakami’s alternative history, From the Fatherland with Love, Colin sent me his own alternative history: A Republic of Wolves, A City of Ghosts…. Read More

An interview with Isis Sousa

It’s time for another interview! Isis Sousa is a Brazilian writer of dark fantasy short fiction, and she sent me a story from her first collection, ‘Stories of Duskland‘. The first story, ‘The Expectation’, introduces eerie characters, as… Read More

An interview with LK Evans

It’s time for another interview! I got in touch with LK Evans through Goodreads and she sent me a copy of her book, ‘Keepers of Arden: The Brothers‘. This is the first volume in a four-part fantasy epic, which… Read More