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DOMA. D’oh!

Here’s a ludicrous text to read and laugh at: the Defense of Marriage Act. Unless you’ve had your head entombed in solid concrete for a while, you’ve probably heard of it. The act is a proposed US law… Read More

Why Jesus?

WARNING: In this post I take a somewhat scathing approach towards religion. If you feel you are likely to be offended, please don’t read on. This is my blog and my platform, but I want to give sensitive… Read More

Little linguistic niggles

Given my calm and emotionally distant analysis of ‘50 Shades of Grey‘, it may surprise you to learn that, in reality, I am quite susceptible to irritation, especially when it comes to language. Yes, when people misuse language… Read More

Are books better than video games?

When there’s a controversial two-sided argument, my preferred response is to point out that the argument is, essentially, moot. So when I stumbled across this thread on Reddit, my mind started racing. The question posed by the thread… Read More

Books that will not wait

I have a problem that I think a lot of you will be familiar with: I buy books much, much quicker than I can read them. At the moment I have about 200 books in my home library and I… Read More