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Tell authors you like their work

I think you should let an author know when you like their work. Here’s why. When I review a book, I always post my review on Twitter, and very occasionally I’ll tag the author (if I’ve really enjoyed the… Read More

Trevor Hoyle responded to my review

Last summer I reviewed The Last Gasp by Trevor Hoyle. As with most books I read, I had some positive things to say about it and some negative things. The negative things mainly revolved around my usual problems with ‘older’… Read More

On reading problematic books

Today I’d like to talk about something which I saw brilliantly summed up by @JamesSACorey on Twitter: I read everything with a thought to the time it was written in. We can’t expect works of fiction to evolve… Read More

Short story collections vs cycles

Do you know the difference between a short story collection and a short story cycle? I didn’t until just the other day, so let me enlighten you… Short story collections A short story collection is a number of… Read More

Do you read introductions?

Introductions: you can find them at the beginning of so many books, from novels to poetry to short story collections – but do you read them? In fiction, an introduction is usually written by someone who is not… Read More