February writing update

In my resolutions post a few weeks ago, I talked about my main resolution for this year: to write a novel. In order to keep myself accountable, I’m going to be posting monthly writing updates on here, and this is the first of them!


My book is all about mermaids (yaaaaay! Mermaids!), so I started January by reading Skye Alexander’s book Mermaids. It’s basically a collection of all the lore and mythology surrounding mermaids, from all over the world, since the beginning of time. It’s packed with loads of interesting mermaid-related stories—such as, did you know, in 2007 a group of Russian fishermen caught a strange, alien/shark/mermaid-like creature, but it couldn’t be studied because the fishermen ate it? Blimey. Anyway, this book has given me loads of ideas for elements to incorporate into my story.

Writing the book

Progress is slow but happening. I have managed to write three chapters so far (that’s one a week since I officially made the resolution), but I’m just starting to realise that my chapter plan might have to change a little (surprise, surprise!). Some sections are longer than I’d like, some shorter, so I’m having to break up the writing into different scenes and work out a new chapter plan off the back of that. Still, at least in the last few weeks I’ve had a good idea of what to write, because I have written this opening several times now. We’ll see what happens when I step into new territory!

writing novel resolution pusheen cat

An accurate depiction of my productivity.

Other writing

One week of my schedule in January was lost to a different writing project (which isn’t really a loss—writing is writing!). I’ve entered the NYC Midnight short story challenge, which runs three rounds of story-writing, and you have to be picked as a winner of each round to progress onto the next one. In the first heat my group was given the challenge to write a political satire about tyranny, starring a prankster. After shaking my head and asking myself whether this story isn’t currently being written in American politics, I dug out a story idea that’s been bouncing around my head for a couple of years and knocked it into shape for the competition. That was an intense Saturday of writing, I can tell you, and I ended up giving it an absolutely shocking title because I did that last and I was tired. Still, I did it, and I’ll find out in March if I’ve been picked to go through to the next round!

Image result for nervous gif

It’s a nervewracking wait!

So I’m pretty pleased with my writing productivity over the last month, although heaven knows there’s plenty of room for improvement. Let’s see if I can step things up in February.

Are you working on any writing projects at the moment? I’d love to hear about them with a comment down below!

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