50 Shades Freed – Chapter 25

Ana decided that she wasn’t going to ‘nag’ Christian about his past or why he went to see Mrs Robinson. We learned that Christian lived with Jack Hyde as a foster child, and Jack is probably taking revenge now because Christian was adopted instead of him. Then Christian started opening up about his past, proving that a woman should be a wallflower who never opens her mouth unless it’s to suck her husband’s dick.

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50 Shades Freed
Chapter 25

“So I was in the backyard at the Lincolns’, clearing some rubble … and Mrs. Lincoln brought me some lemonade.”

Looks like we’re going to get a potted history of how Christian got his Dom.

“I made some smartass remark and she slapped me.”

I got slapped by a girl, and I liked it.

“But then she kissed me. And when she finished, she slapped me again.”
Oh. She pounced. On a kid.

Yeh, it’s a bit dodgy that he wasn’t legal yet.

“You have to understand … my life was hell on earth. I was a walking hard-on, fifteen years old, hormones raging.”

Most teenage boys feel that way and they don’t all fuck older women who like to beat them up and burn them with cigarettes.

He explains that he was angry all the time (because horrible past), his parents were too suffocating, his therapist didn’t help and he got into a lot of fights. Then he started sleeping with Elena Lincoln and he loved it.

“And even when it was over, my world stayed in focus because of her. And it stayed that way until I met you.”
What the hell am I supposed to say to that?

I have absolutely no idea.

“She stopped my drinking. Made me work hard. She channelled my anger. Mostly inward – I realize that now.”

She helped you by poisoning your mind! Hooray!

He babbles on about Ana, how he fell in love with her and that Elena encouraged him to go for it. There are many pages in which they say absolutely nothing new.

“When you told me you were pregnant – I’d considered children, but only in the abstract. I had this vague idea we’d have a child sometime.”
Just one? No … Not an only child. Perhaps now’s not the best time to bring that up.

Before you said, “I do” would have been a better time to bring that up.

“I was so mad. I had to get out. So I walked and walked and I just … found myself at the salon. She asked me if I wanted a drink.”

Oops, I appear to me at the workplace of my ex! Happens to us all.

“She made a pass at me.”
All the breath is sucked from my body.

Who let a Dementor in?

“She realized how far she’d crossed the line. I said … no. She backed right off.”
“Did you kiss?”
“No! I couldn’t bear to be that close to her.”

Aww, true love.

“I wanted to come home to you. But … I knew I’d behaved badly. I stayed and finished the bottle.”

Oh yeh, ‘cos staying out all night was always going to IMPROVE the situation.

“I’m scared I’ll be a shitty father.”
“Christian, do you think for one minute I’d let you be a shitty father?”

Well, you let him be a shitty husband so … yes.

“I am desperate to make love to you,” he whispers.
“Then do.”
“No, you need to rest.”

If she kept turning him down like this, he would NOT be cool with it.

The next morning, Ana decides she wants to go to work. She only got out of the hospital yesterday, but we all know what a hard worker Ana … oh, I just can’t keep a straight face when I say that.

 I browse carefully through my clothes. I want something sexy. Something that might galvanise Christian into action. I choose an almost indecently short black skirt and a white silk blouse.

A flawless plan, if you weren’t choosing a WORK OUTFIT and were about to spend all day OUT AT WORK.

“Good morning. Going somewhere?”
“Work.” I smile sweetly.
“I don’t think so. Dr. Singh said a week off.”

Obligatory you-shall-not-go-to-work argument.

“Ana, you are not going to work. It’s simple. Don’t argue.”

Why hasn’t she told him to FUCK HIMSELF yet?

“I’m not sure this look is suitable for the workplace,” he murmurs.
“Well, since I’m not going to work, that’s a moot point.”

So she’s not going to work after all. I’m concerned they’re going to stay at home and fuck, and I’m going to have to read about it.

They go to check on the progress of the house that’s being done up for them. Elliot is there, working or something. I don’t know what he does.

“And how are you, little lady?” He picks me up and swings me round.

Patronising her and hurting her bruised ribs at the same time! Double whammy!

Elliot leads us through, while men – and a few women – work everywhere around us.

But are they attractive women? Because that is what really matters.

“This will be a great place to raise a family,” he murmurs.
Family! More than one?

It is possible to have a family of three.

She pulls out the ultrasound of ‘Blip’ and says, “First of many.” This freaks out Christian, who says he’d rather take it ‘one child at a time’. That answer seems to satisfy her. They go outside for a picnic.

He rolls his eyes and takes the call.
“Linc,” he murmurs.
“Linc? Elena’s ex?”
“The same. He’s the one who posted Hyde’s bail.”


“Several years back, Linc beat his wife to a pulp. I’m going to crush him, break up his company right under his nose, and sell the pieces to the highest bidder. I am going to bankrupt him.”

But you decided to not do this before, when he beat up your girlfriend?

The tips of his fingers brush against my sex. I scramble to unbutton his shirt.
“Woah, Ana – stop.”
“Please, I need you.”
He groans in defeat.

Oh, here we go. Maybe it’s the last sex scene of the book? I live in hope.

Tugging my blouse apart, he kisses the soft swell of my breasts.
“Ah!” I groan, inhaling sharply, then wincing as pain radiates outward from my bruised ribs.

I wonder if Christian is going to say, “I told you so”?

“This is what I’m talking about,” he admonishes.

Of course.

My tongue trails down his sternum, twirling through his chest hair. He tastes so good.

Oh, COME ON. Sucking on someone’s chest hair is NOT sexy.

My panties disintegrate.

You need some sturdier panties, my dear.

I push him down on the ground and start to move … riding him hard. I explode around him over and over. He cries out in turn, letting go and calling out my name with love and joy.

Not even horrible injuries will stop them climaxing in perfect unison!

She tells him that she likes his playroom and is willing to go back there and try it again. Two days later, they haven’t done that and he’s still forbidding her from going to work.

I know he’ll come to check on me in a few minutes, and it gives me an idea. I pick up my BlackBerry and kneel by the bedroom door. Quickly, I type an email.
“Sir, I await your instructions.”

Perhaps I am meant to feel nostalgic for a sexier time, but last time they did this he tortured her to the point of using a safeword, so I don’t.

Outside the playroom door, he halts and kisses me gently.
“You know, you’re topping from the bottom.”

What on earth made you think she would understand that lingo?

Jeez … Life is never going to be boring with Christian.

Yeh, I doubt people in abusive relationships tend to be BORED, but that isn’t a good thing.

I’m in this for the long haul. I love this man: my husband, my lover, father of my child, my sometimes Dominant … my Fifty Shades.

OH MY GOD, GUYS. That was the last chapter. There’s still an epilogue and something called Fifty Shades of Christian, though, because EL James likes nothing more than outstaying her welcome.

Read the Epilogue.

Why not let me know what you think? You can buy the book here, or the entire trilogy, if you’re a glutton for punishment. Ironically.

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  1. Most teenage boys feel that way and they don’t all fuck older women who like to beat them up and burn them with cigarettes.

    Elena never burned him with cigs…

    • Ah, good point! My mistake, the cigarette burns came from Christian’s mum’s pimp.

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