50 Shades Freed – Chapter 24

Ana was in a kind of coma for a bit after her encounter with Jack Hyde, but when she woke up her entire life was fixed. Jack is in prison; Christian is happy about the baby; Ray’s better. Amazing what almost getting yourself killed can do.

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50 Shades Freed
Chapter 24

“Eat,” he orders, his voice soft.
The oatmeal is cold, but the pancakes under the cover are fine.

Doesn’t matter. Eat anyway. Eat whatever he tells you to. Eat whenever he tells you to.

“You know,” I mutter between mouthfuls, “Blip might be a girl.”

Had that not occurred to you until now?

“Two women, eh?”

God, women. Am I right?

“Do you have a preference? Boy or girl.”
He frowns. “Healthy will do,” he says quietly, clearly disconcerted by the question.

Yeh, bloody right. You have literally no control over it and you’ll love it whatever it is.

I understand that Christian is scared about the baby, but I don’t understand the depth of his fear.
In truth I think it goes back to his birth mom.

Oh no, really? You think? Maybe the fact that he was raised in a drug den has something to do with his fear of having children? Wow!

Detective Clark makes an apologetic entry into the room.
“Mr. Grey, Mrs. Grey. Am I interrupting?”
“Yes,” snaps Christian.

Christ, enough of the attitude. Do you want him to do his job or not?

Half an hour later, the detective has finished questioning Ana about what happened.

“I wish you’d aimed higher,” Christian mutters.
“Might have done womankind a service if Mrs. Grey had,” Clark agrees.

Wow, professional.

Clark rises to leave just as Dr. Singh enters the room. After a thorough examination, Dr. Singh declares me fit to go home.

Hooray! Now she can get back to her appalling marriage!

As Dr. Singh leaves, Christian asks her for a quick word. He keeps the door ajar as he asks her a question.
“What was that all about?”
“Sex,” he says. “You’re good to go.”

Am I right to be a little creeped out that he didn’t let Ana ask that question?

“I have a headache.” I smirk.
“I know. You’ll be off limits for a while.”
I’m not sure I want to be off limits.

Why is it always HIM dictating when they can and can’t have sex? And why did she just tell him she had a headache if she did want to have sex?

She gets ready to leave, and goes to visit Ray.

As Christian predicted, Ray is furious. Ray fills his hospital room with his invective, berating me for my irresponsible behaviour.

She was for sure stupid, but I don’t think yelling at her will achieve anything at this point.

“And poor Christian! He’s aged. We’ve both aged years over the last couple days.”

Yeh, and I was in a coma so shut the fuck up.

I call my mom, who sobs and sobs. It takes most of the journey home to calm her down.

Why is Ana having to help everyone? She’s the one that just got out of hospital – can’t they be a bit easier on her?

“What’s wrong?” I ask when I’m finally free from my mother.
“Welch wants to see me. He’s found something about the fucker Hyde.”

What’s this? Christian volunteering information to Ana?

They get home and Ana breaks down crying. Christian takes her into the shower to calm her down.

“Stop now. I can’t bear it when you cry.”

Oh, let her cry if she wants to.

Briskly he strips me. Leading me to the shower, he peels off his own clothing.

I’d like to see someone walk, lead someone else and take off their clothes all at the same time. I’d be impressed.

In the moment it occurs to me; any explanations on his part have to come from him. I can’t force him – he’s got to want to tell me. I won’t be cast as the nagging wife.

Bullshit. It’s not ‘nagging’ to ask your husband why he ran off and got drunk with his ex-Dom.

Blazing grey eyes meet mine. “I want to kill him. I nearly did,” he whispers cryptically.

Cryptic! Like you wonder what he means when he says, “I want to kill him.”

They get out of the shower.

I feel refreshed and I don’t know if it’s from the shower or my decision to stop hassling Christian about everything.

Hassling! HASSLING!?!

“I still don’t understand why Elizabeth was involved with Jack.”
“I do,” Christian mutters darkly.
I give him my tell-me-more expression.

GOD, Ana. Leave the poor man ALONE. You’re so DEMANDING.

“Hyde had videos. Videos of him fucking her and fucking his PAs. Blackmail material. He likes it rough.”

How disgusting. Imagine someone keeping incriminating images of someone else as leverage. Imagine that, Christian. Imagine. That.

“Don’t what?”
“You aren’t anything like him.”

Christian is JUST like Jack, except that his nastiness is a little less on the surface.

They chat some more about things we’ve already heard: it’s not just Ana any more, there’s the baby too; Ana has no regard for her own safety; yadda yadda.

Desire explodes unexpected, hot, and heavy in my blood.
“No,” he whispers. “I’ve seen the bruises and the answer’s no. Just do as you’re told, Ana.”

Again, Christian gets to decide what’s best for Ana.

I slip into bed and fold my arms in frustration. My scowl deepens.


It’s dusk when I wake. Christian is sitting in the armchair. His face is ashen.
“Welch has just left. I lived with the fucker.”
“Lived? With Jack?”
He nods.

Oh, I can’t wait to see how EL James explains Christian NOT REMEMBERING living with Jack.

“After I was found with the crack whore, before I went to live with Carrick and Grace, I lived in a foster home. But I can’t remember anything about that time.”

I don’t know, this is probably possible, but I’m not exactly in the mood to suspend my disbelief any more.

He shows Ana a photo of the family he lived with: mum, dad, twin boys and little Christian.

I gaze at the elder boy, who is glaring, defiant and arrogant at the camera.

Yep, can definitely tell that the boy is arrogant from one old photo.

I can see it’s Jack. But he’s just a kid, a sad eight- or nine-year-old, hiding his fear behind his hostility.

Blimey, Ana. You should be a psychologist with this kind of insight.

“You think he did all this because the Greys adopted you instead of him?”
“Who knows?”

If so, that’s one hell of a grudge.

I remember the fight we had about me going to New York with Jack. Jeez – I could have ended up on some sordid sex tape.

No, presumably you would not have agreed to that. (And also, further proof that Christian’s controlling nature is a good thing! Yay!)

And in that moment I recall the photographs Christian kept of his submissives.

Ah, now you catch up!

No, Christian, you’re not, you’re nothing like him.


They decide to call Christian’s parents to see if they remember anything about the little boy they didn’t adopt. They come round and (once again) thank Ana for everything she did ‘saving’ Mia.

I usher Kate toward the kitchen area as Christian leads his parents into the study.

Aw, we don’t even get to hear the interesting conversation.

“What were you thinking, Ana?” she shouts as she confronts me in the kitchen.

STOP. Why is everyone being such a DICK?

She folds me in her arms.
“I’ve been so worried about you.”

Don’t worry, Ana’s used to forgiving abusive behaviour.

After his parents leave, Christian tells Ana what they remembered. The foster mother used to call Christian ‘Baby Bird’, and that phrase was used in a ransom note Jack Hyde wrote. There was also a book called Are You My Mother? that Christian remembers (despite having no memory of that time), but it isn’t explained why that is relevant.

I trail my fingers down his stomach to his oh-so-happy trail.
“Oh no. Don’t get any ideas.”

Only when Christian says!

“Besides, I have a bedtime story for you. You wanted to know…”
Holy fuck … he’s talking.

There’s your lesson, ladies. Don’t ever ‘nag’ your man. He’ll tell you everything you want to know eventually.

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  1. Oh, so everything is resolved is it? The past is over, the silver lining is finally here (more like a blip… blimp?) and all’s going to end well? How nice.

    I don’t get though, how Christian went from “Now you won’t have time for me you stupid cow” to “I’m afraid of being a father because I had a crack whore thing who birthed me” – How did that happen literally in the span of one chapter? And, why is Ana the one having such insightful revalations about how she relates to Robot? She’s just all “Yay, he’s ok with the baby, he’s ok with everything, I was so stupid to NAG and be unreasonable, I wasted three whole books of E.L. time.”


    Thanks for the update, sorry I’ve been MIA… life is crazy. Hope you’re well.

    • It’s just mad, it’s like EL James went, “Crap, I’d better wrap this shit up,” and stuck in a near death experience so Christian can ‘realise’ how ‘valuable’ Ana is to him.

      And I hate, hate, HATE the nagging thing, like it’s not OK to ask your husband about MASSIVE things that are bothering you? What’s wrong with TALKING?!

      Haha, no worries – good to have you back :)

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