50 Shades Freed – Chapter 15

Everyone’s still in Aspen. They went to a club where a man tried to grind against Ana. She hit him, then Christian hit him, then they went home. What a pleasant way to spend an evening – beats watching a movie and not smacking anyone, I guess!

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50 Shades Freed
Chapter 15

I am too warm. Christian warm.

The particular kind of warmth that denotes an abusive husband.

Hazily my mind wanders through the events of yesterday. I drank too much – I’m amazed Christian let me.

This is a NORMAL sentence now. It is NORMAL that she thinks like this.

I conduct a quick mental inventory of how I’m feeling. Stomach? Fine. Head? Surprisingly, fine, but fuzzy.

Nobody does this. You wake up and just FEEL stuff. You don’t have to check your body, unit by unit.

Christian wakes up.

“I can’t bear that he touched you.”

Well, bear it, because it happened and now it’s over.

He rolls suddenly so that he’s fully on top of me, holding my wrists above my head.
“I’d fight you any day, Mrs Grey.”

And win instantly, probably.

“In fact, subduing you in bed is a fantasy of mine.”
“I thought you subdued me all the time.”
“Hmm … but I’d like some resistance,” he murmurs.
I bat my lashes and squirm provocatively beneath him. This could be fun.

Oh lordy, I don’t think I’m going to enjoy this.

I reach over for the glass of water beside the bed. It’s cool and sparkling – too cool to have been sitting here for long.

Who notices that kind of shit in flagrante delicto?!

Christian trails his fingers in small circles up my thigh, leaving tingling skin in their wake.

Help him! His skin’s falling off!

I lean forward and kiss him, pouring clear cool water into his mouth.

If you think this is fighting, you’re doing it wrong.

They start to fight.

He makes a grab for my hands. Roughly. I place my hands on his chest, pushing with all my might. He’s enjoying this!   


My libido explodes.

I don’t think it can do that.

I make another fruitless attempt to buck him off, but he’s just too on me.

I hate it when someone’s too on me. I prefer people being just a little bit on me.

When he tries to kiss me I jerk my head to the side so he can’t.

There’s SO MUCH description. Like paragraphs and paragraphs of the stuff. It’s INTERMINABLE.

He’s gently biting at my lower lip as his tongue tries to invade my mouth.

Oh, staaaaahp.

“Skin,” he murmurs hoarsely.

Bit weird.

I yank down the front of his pyjamas, freeing his erection. He’s hard.

Yes, that’s what an erection is.

“You’re so beautiful. Such beautiful skin.”

I’m beginning to think he wants to cut it off and wear it.

“Take me,” I beg.
“All in good time,” he murmurs.

Careful with that orgasm denial there, Christian.

He pins her down with his full body weight and – oh, surprise! – she starts to feel confused and unsure. This happens EVERY SINGLE TIME they do ANYTHING.

“Okay, Mrs Grey, we’ll do this your way.”

Thank goodness, this could have gotten sinister.

“Ah!” This is it. This is what I want. This is what I need.

You’re mid-orgasm. Of course it is.

It’s all over! Afterwards, Christian tells Ana that it’s strange when she calls the shots in bed. He reveals that Mrs Robinson used to do similar with him (obviously) but that now he thinks back on it he hates the memories. They have sex again.

“Ana Tyson. Punching above your weight!” Ethan applauds as I head into the kitchen for breakfast.

If anyone calls her ‘slugger’ I’ll shit myself.

I turn to look at Mia, distracted by her sulky tone. She looks venomously at Ethan. Oh dear. I wonder what’s going on between them.

Oh, he’s probably just planning to propose.

Ana looks out the window and sees Christian pick up a dropped bamboo cane, which he whips through the air. SYMBOLISM. Albeit entirely on the nose.

“You have got it bad.” Kate snorts.
“And you don’t, oh soon-to-be-sister-in-law?” I reply.
It’s hard not to be swept up in her joy.

And to forget about all the problems she had with her relationship yesterday.

They fly back to Seattle and Christian and Ana go back to their flat. They remember that they have a meeting with Gia. Ana comes out with a catty comment about her being a ‘sexual predator’. A SEXUAL PREDATOR. Like she isn’t a grown woman having sex with consenting adults.

Tomorrow we go back to reality – to Jack in custody but with the possibility that he has an accomplice.

Plain, boring, old reality with guns and stalkers and would-be kidnappers.

Does Christian know? Would he tell me? Do I want to ruin the feel-good moment by trying to drag the information out of him?

Yes, if you’re feeling concerned about something but your husband’s in a good mood, you should squash down those feelings. Squash them down until you can’t feel any more.

With his family around him, Christian is less controlling. Holy crap! Maybe that’s the answer. Maybe he needs his own family.

Oh JESUS, don’t bring children into this situation.

The next day Ana goes to work and EMAILS CHRISTIAN. Just to tell him that she loves him. Probably a good idea to remind him, otherwise he might turn up at the office and shout at her till she says it.

“What gratifying words to hear from one’s wife (errant or not) on a Monday morning.”

Are you implying she’s ERRANT because she’s AT WORK?

“Sorry about the dinner this evening. I hope it won’t be too tedious.”
Oh yes, the American Shipbuilding Association dinner.

It’s fine, you’ll fuck under the table or something and it’ll all be very hot.

Bafflingly, we skip ahead to the next day: Ana, in the office, recalling playing with Christian’s testicles at the Shipbuilding dinner. Then we skip ahead again to two days later! For someone who likes to dwell on tedious details, EL James sure is racing ahead.

“Anastasia. For your information, Hyde has been refused bail and remanded in custody.”

Heavens, he’s keeping her informed. Amazing what asking and asking and ASKING can do.

“Does this mean you’ll lighten up on security?”
“No. Security will remain in place. No arguments.”

Ah, there’s the Christian we know and hate.

“Now stop pestering me. I am trying to work.”

You’d think they’d stop emailing after this. Oh no, there are THREE more emails.

Oh my, could he be any more romantic?

Maybe by allowing you basic freedoms and allowing you to voice your opinions?

I gaze at my calendar on my desk. Only five days until September 10 – my birthday. I know we are driving out to the house to see how Elliot and his crew are progressing.

Holy exposition, Batman!

Hannah taps on my door.
“There’s a Leila Williams here to see you? She says it’s personal.”

Leila should walk through the door and shoot Ana point blank in the forehead. That is what I would like from next week’s chapter.

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