22. ‘The Invisible Papers’ by Agostino Scafidi

The Invisible Papers isn’t quite like anything I’ve ever read before. There’s no plot as such, no characters as such, but it still claims to be a novel. One that, according to its Goodreads page, will “inspire in the reader a certain air of self-reflection and meditation“.


Essentially this book is a collection of musings on all sorts of topics, from human relationships to philosophy to theology. As such, it certainly isn’t light reading, although it is quite short and broken down into bite-size pieces. The narrative voice – a third person interior monologue – questions the reader directly, asking questions of you as you read, even asking you about the text you are reading.

It’s a very interesting, experimental approach to have a voice that flits around from subject to subject without losing awareness of its reader. This voice isn’t always friendly and is sometimes directly accusing: you are made to think about your opinions, your beliefs and even your own hypocrisies.

Writing doesn’t get much more self-aware than The Invisible Papers, and it probably isn’t a book to read in one sitting. Rather, try reading it paragraph by paragraph, with time in between for contemplation.

The Invisible Papers

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