18. ‘Thinkless’ by Sophie McCook

thinklessThinkless came out of a rather unusual experiment. In 2011, whilst working on an Open University course (and not doing terribly well at it), screenwriter and editor Sophie McCook decided to write a novel. Over the next 80 days she published a chapter of her story every day, and ended up with thousands of avid readers. That novel is Thinkless.

The novel follows Miriam, a self-centred shambles of a human being who moves from London to Norfolk for a house-sitting job. She’s something of a drifter, scrounging money and accommodation from her long-suffering family and short-lived relationships, and this is one of her first attempts to stand on her own two feet. As might be expected, the course of independence does not run smooth.

The world of Thinkless is somewhat mad. Not only is Miriam a walking disaster, but everyone she meets in Norfolk is either eccentric or snobbish. She finds herself pitched into a world of horses and hunting, croquet and Agas, and she has to try her best to take care of a trinket-laden house and three cats. Suffice it to say that she sinks more often than she swims, but hope (and self-improvement) presents itself in the form of friendly mansion-owner Prop and his son Wym.

I really enjoyed Miriam’s erratic adventures. Her ability to mess up every social encounter is quite astonishing, but I always found myself rooting for her. We know from the outset that she’s self-centred but we still want everything to come right for her. Thinkless is a fascinating literary experiment and the story is quite a ride.


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4 Comments on “18. ‘Thinkless’ by Sophie McCook

  1. I’ve never heard of this book before! I always seem to warm towards quite socially awkward characters so maybe I’ll give this one a go at some point. Thanks for sharing!

    Thank you, also, for commenting on my latest post. Your comment was really helpful and I’m sure it’ll help others as well as myself. I’ve got a vague beginning mapped but I’m not entirely sure if it fits. I may have to drop it, like you said!

    • You don’t get much more socially awkward than this character!

      Aww, thank you – best of luck with your dissertation :)

  2. Thank you very much – I’m incredibly flattered. Miriam was great fun to write so I’m glad others enjoy her, despite her ….traits.
    Before the launch in September, I am going to be posting free sample chapters, linked from my twitter page (@scriptreader.com) – I hope others enjoy them too!

    • I’m sure they will – she’s an awesome character :)

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