1. ‘A Dance with Dragons: After the Feast’ by George RR Martin

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It’s strange doing the 50 a year challenge – no sooner do you finish it (and feel all the pride and achievement that you might expect), then you have to start all over again. Oh no, I’m not complaining, it’s just funny that something that so definitely has an end, also has no end.

So, onto the first review of the year and it’s a long’un. That’s because, at last, I’ve finished the Song of Ice and Fire series. Well, at least finished as many books as Martin has written so far. There are two books yet to be published but, who knows, they might run to four volumes each!


Theon: Continues to be an absolute mess but he is picking himself up a little. He’s forced into helping some ‘washerwomen’ abduct the girl pretending to be Arya – ie. Ramsay Bolton’s wife – and smuggle her to Stannis. Along the way plenty of people die horribly and he’s reunited with his sister, Asha. Sadly, the reunion ain’t all it’s cracked up to be, especially as Stannis’ army is in no fit state to rescue anyone. They’ve been snowed in for weeks and been forced to eat each other. So, yeh, there’s that.

Arya: Meanwhile, the real Arya is honing her talents in Braavos. She learns how to live without her eyesight, how to change her face and how to murder with cunning. I’m sure her honour-bound father would be so proud.

Jon: Things are getting messy at the Wall. Jon has let the wildlings through – hey, if you’ve got two enemies, you might as well befriend the less bitey ones to help you fight the ones that will eat you alive – and his black brothers aren’t happy about it. In fact, they’re so unhappy that they show they’re appreciation for all Jon’s work by LITERALLY stabbing him in the back. Poor Jon, he was a great character – he only ever wanted to do what was right.

Daenerys: Plenty happens way over in the east. First off, Dany rejected not-quite-handsome-enough Prince Martell and, in a bid to win her back using her own dragons, he gets burned to death. Yikes. Also her new husband, Hizdahr, tries to poison her and she ends up flying off into the Dathraki sea on dragon-back. By the time she’s picked up by a passing (unfriendly) khal she’s not in a particularly good state, but at least she is alive. You can never tell with George RR Martin.

Cersei: Oh dear, oh dear, the best laid plans, eh? Cersei has to walk from the sept where she’s being kept a prisoner to the court for her trial. Not so bad? Yes, it is. She has to walk NAKED the whole way, with the entire city laughing at her. What’s more, Jaime never came back after she begged him to come and save her. I really can’t imagine the trial is going to go well for her, especially since she arrives weeping and bleeding on all fours.

Griff: In the last book we discovered that Tyrion’s travelling companion Young Griff is actually the supposedly dead Prince Aegon Targaryen! He gives up chasing Dany (thank goodness, it seemed like everybody was doing it) and has gone back to Westeros to take a castle and start establishing his position of power. The Lannisters didn’t see that coming!

Tyrion: He comes so close, so close to meeting Dany. He’s there, jousting on his pig RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER shortly before all the shit goes down with the dragon. Still, he’s gotten one step nearer to her by escaping his slave master and joining a group of sellswords. Penny has gone with him too – I don’t reckon she’s cut out for battle, somehow.

Dance with Dragons

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