An interview with Christine Rice

For this week’s interview I’m talking to Christine Rice about her book of useful essays: Articles for the Mind. Christine has been an author since 2007 and has written four other books: Freelance Writing Guide, My Not-So-Ordinary Life, Essays for the Soul and Poetry for the Heart. She loves writing books and, most importantly, she loves connecting with her readers and other authors!

Articles for the Mind is Christine’s most recent book. It is a compilation of 58 short non-fiction articles about a vast array of topics, including health and beauty, careers and education, family, writing and much more.

How did the collection of articles in Articles for the Mind come about? Did you write them all in one go, or is this a collection of work from several years?

I originally wrote the articles as a freelance writer for various websites over eight months. In August 2013 I decided to compile the articles and publish them in an organized book so that people could access the information more conveniently.

Did you write this collection with a particular audience in mind?

Yes, I definitely had an audience in mind, which differed based on the topic of the article I was writing. I envisioned a colleague or a friend asking me a question about a topic that I was knowledgeable about and I simply answered their question. The purpose of the articles is to inform others, in order to help them with various aspects of life that many people struggle with.

Are all of these articles based upon experiences you have had in your life?

The majority of the articles are from my own experiences, some are from my education, and a few are from research. I wrote most of them from my own experiences so that I could provide a more personal perspective – from someone who has directly experienced the subjects of the articles – instead of rehashing information that other people have provided.

You have also written poetry and memoir. Is there a form that you enjoy writing the most?

I enjoy writing all different genres because I like the variety of the writing mediums and they each have their own positive qualities. I enjoy writing from my own thoughts and experiences, which also includes the essays and reference books that I write. I love writing them all!

Are you working on anything new at the moment?

Yes. I’m currently writing two memoirs and a book of poetry. Chronicles of a Troubled Girl is a memoir about my adolescence – when I used to write in a journal – that is a compilation of all of my personal journal entries, from my pre-teen years until my late-twenties. Adolescent Angst is a collection of my teenage poetry, and Freedom from Fat is a memoir that chronicles my weight loss journey from 2010 until the present, in the form of journal entries and blog posts that I’ve written during that time. They are all due out in 2014.

Keep updated on Christine’s work on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Google+, and her website. She returns all likes, adds and follows. Her books can be found at Amazon and Smashwords, as well as other online venues, so check your favorite online bookstore and you’ll likely find her books! If you have any specific questions for Christine, feel free to email her at She welcomes all correspondence.

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