My trip to Paris

This is the final instalment of this mysterious diary – I hope you have enjoyed it!

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My trip to Paris
April 5 – 14 1941

April 14

Woke up at 6.0 and went on deck. Our boys’ school was there again. We disembarked at 6.30, and went through the customs alright. We left Miss Macleod here, she was going to London and Miss Crabtree.

We went by tram to the YWCA for breakfast. It does seem funny, to see cars driving on the left. We waited an hour in the YWCA, and played ping pong. The breakfast was good. Bacon and eggs and the first tea since we left last week.

We left at 9.45 and walked to the station – it was drizzling! The boys were on the other platform. Got to Salisbury at 11.0. I borrowed the money to buy some lunch, and then we went over the Cathedral.

At 12.20 we left, and had lunch on the train. Although our compartments were reserved, there were people in them, and they wouldn’t budge, so Cooky gave us permission to be rude to them, and O boy! Were we! They said we were the rudest school they’d ever met. Gwen threw a banana skin right across the compartment and it missed the window and fell in an old dame’s lap!

We changed at Exeter at 3.0 and got home at 7.14. I had salad for supper.


Yellow lammers
Wood pigeons
1 beetle

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