My trip to Paris

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My trip to Paris
April 5 – 14 1941

April 13

We taxied to the Chambre des Deputies, and gazed round there. Got autographs, and of course I got stuck in with about 6 men, who assured me that one of them, who has a sword on, was a general.

O I forgot. Before breakfast Ursula and I went out and bought a paper for Cooky. Then we went straight out again and U bought a pair of sandals and a brooch, and I bought an elephant hair ring.

Anyway, after we left the Chambre des Deputies we went up the Champs É to the Prisunic and did some shopping.

After lunch we went shopping in the Rue de Rivoli for two hours. It is a lovely place. At 3.0 we partook of refreshments at the Grand Hotel du Louvre, and then went into the Au Louvre. Gwen and I had a grand time going up on the escalators and down by the lifts. Incidentally the lift girl thought we were crazy.

Then we played hide-and-seek in the gowns department. It is a marvellous shop. We came out by the wrong door, and there at a stall was a man making and selling some sort of wafer stuff covered in sugar. We bought them and got lathered in sugar from our eyebrows down. (We had already eaten lollipops in the shop.)

We had dinner at 6.30, and had the dreary jobs of bringing down the cases. A boys’ school was taking our place in the Select. They were in the hall, when I came wih my case, and the porter let loose a string of French at me. I happened to understand it all and said “Oui” and things at the right moment. I’ll never forget how those boys gaped at me. They were all going upstairs as we left, so we all said Hello, Goodbye.

We left at 7.0 in the same bus as we came in. TDH was cleaning his teeth – we could see him – and he leant out and waved goodbye to us. We left our lovely Paris at 8.0 and as it was dark outside, the journey to Havre didn’t seem very long. I lost my ring and had the whole compartment looking for it with matches, before I found it in my pocket.

Got to Havre at quarter to 11. The train went right down to the quay, and at 11.35 we went on board the T.S.S. Lorina. We had the mens’ salon this time, and it was nice. I had a top berth with a porthole. Ginger and I looked out of it and sucked a lollipop. (A red one.) I watched the lights of France till they were out of sight, and then went to sleep.

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