My trip to Paris

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My trip to Paris
April 5 – 14 1941

April 12

After breakfast we walked through the gardens of the Palace of the Luxembourg. We were looking for the fountain of Marie of Medici. Cooky asked a gendarme – we all had to go a good way away so as not to hear her French! Anyway the fountain was right behind us all the time.

Then we walked down hundreds of streets, one of which was the Rue de Vanguard where there were some jolly nice antique shops.

Then we went by taxi – actually alone in a taxi!! – to Les Invalides. Saw Napoleon’s tomb, and another of his hats. You look down on to the tomb, and the roof above rises to the huge gold dome. We didn’t go down to the crypt but we saw the chapel with flags of all N’s victories.

Marshal Foch’s tomb is a nice one. Soldiers carrying the coffin. Very impressive. We paid nearly as much attention to the souvenir stall as to the building. Bought cards, and I bought a penholder with N on it, and views in it.

We went by taxi back to the hotel and had lunch at twenty to 12. At quarter to 1 we walked to the Louvre. (Down the Rue St Michel, along to the left by the river and over the bridge with steps.) Lovely weather still. Went through the Louvre – or rather parts of it. It can’t be described properly so I’ll just say I enjoyed it and would like to go again. We saw the Winged Victory, the Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo and Whistler’s Portrait of a Mother. Ursula and I saw a picture while we were wandering that neither of us will ever tell anyone about.

We left this marvellous building at 3.30 and – need I say it – dashed to a café where we consumed the inevitable citronade, and éclairs. Yum yum!

Then we went to the Au Louvre and I bought a purse. U was mad again and wouldn’t come on to the Galleries Lafayette. I sat in front with the driver and behold! he was English.

The G.L. is a grand place. Bought heaps of things. Got lost and I said I would smell a way out, so I dashed madly along and there was a door! When we got back I had – O joy! – a letter from home.

After dinner we went to the Tyrol again. Saw the nice men leaping and kicking each other, and had ices and patisseries, and talked to the waitress. Some boys were at the next table and Gwen would turn her chair. Talk about laugh! When we went she said “Au Revoir, mon ami!”

When we got home, U acted the fool, and pretended to Eleanor that Jack (MP) had been. It was too funny. Then we borrowed lipstick from Barbara Vale and U put on her [???] and danced with the [???] for Gwen and I. I’ll never forget that.

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