My trip to Paris

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My trip to Paris
April 5 – 14 1941

April 9
Easter Sunday

Breakfasted at 8.0, and at 9.0 went to Mass in Notre Dame. It was a pontifical High Mass and was I swamped! There was a procession with about 30 priests, and a cardinal blessed the people. The organ and the choir were just terrific. We left after an hour.

It didn’t seem a bit like a Sunday. We walked down the Rue de Rivoli and did some shopping, and had citronade in the Café de la Paix.

After lunch, about 2.0 we started for the Comédie Francaise, and after waiting ages in the lobby for Gabby, we were whisked upstairs and into little boxes like cattle pens. Cyrano de Bergerac began at 2.30. It was in French but we enjoyed it.

The building is marvellous. There were two boys about two galleries above us that went all gooey to me. Opposite there was a couple, the girl had a white satin blouse. They knew we were looking at them and did we laugh! It was about quarter to 6 when we came out, and as we were getting into the taxi, up came the two boys and said “Au Revoir!”

We had dinner at 6.30, and after that we went by metro to the Champs Élysées. Gwen, Ursula and I stood up by the door. There were two fellows and a girl too, [all tight?], and she kept slapping their faces. Gwen and I had a good laugh, and Ursula got furious with us.

We went to a place in the Champs called the Tyrol. The waitresses wear Tyrolean dress, with green felt hats. The orchestra began at 9.0. Jolly nice one. Two parts, the men had piano accordions etc and the women violins. The girl playing 1st v. was marvellous.

Some men did a Tyrolean dance which was grand. They had those leather pants and kicked each other as they danced. There were two English fellows there, one like Derek de Marney. He knew we were looking and waved goodbye when we went.

Came home by taxi down the Champs which was all lit up and looked lovely.

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  1. What a wonderful document you’ve got there! I tend to agree with that it was a school exercise, albeit a lengthy one. It’s a drawback of living in Spain that I don’t have the opportunities of these chance discoveries.

    • Yes, bit of a strange one this! Surely there must be some odd things hanging about in Spanish auctions?

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