Dear Andrew…

28th December 1963
Birds of Australia – The renowned  Lyre Bird, Master of mimicry, native to Australia and a bird of interesting habits.

Dear Andrew,
It is Saturday afternoon and I am sitting in an aeroplane, flying across the Great Australian Bight, over the sea. This morning I flew 130 miles from Sydney to Adelaide. This afternoon I am flying 1340 miles from Adelaide to Perth.
It is a lovely sunny day.
Later on this afternoon we shall be flying over the Nullarbor Desert. I hope you can find these places on the map.
It was good to speak to you on the telephone on Christmas Eve. You spoke very clearly: we were 14000 miles apart.
Be good, work hard at school.
Much love,

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2 Comments on “Dear Andrew…

  1. Have you worked out how many miles he travelled? In our age of Skype and WhatsApp, a phone call over a landline of 14,000 miles would have been quite an event.

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