Dear Andrew…

15th October 1963
Ploughing and Planting, N.T. Hong Kong, The Chinese Farmers Very Busy During Spring And Autumn Seasons 

Dear Alastair,
I thought you would like this picture of the Chinese growing rice. Do you eat all your rice pudding?
I wonder if you play with Gordon?
The little Chinese babies are carried in a sling on their Mummy’s back, and go to sleep there when they are tired.
Much love,

– gildius –

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2 Comments on “Dear Andrew…

  1. I presume that these extracts relate to the BBC radio 4 programme ‘Old Photoraphs Fever’ which I have just listened to. Fascinating. Although I didn’t go there until 1980,Shanghai hadn’t changed much in 40 years. Since then everything has changed, and the things that I remember have mostly disappeared.
    [I have a picture of myself in a paddy field – checkout my facebook. profile.]

  2. I haven’t actually heard that programme – these are just some old postcards I found in an auction. I’ll check it out!

    That rice paddy picture is awesome :)

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