Dear Andrew…

Collyer Quay & Clifford Pier, Singapore
5th September 1963

Dear Andrew,
This is the view from the office where I am working. I am glad to hear from Mummy that you are being good.
In the house where I was visiting last night, there were little pale green lizards on the walls: three of them. When they move, they run very, very quickly. If one goes too near another, he grabs his tail, and it comes off. But in another few days it grows another tail.
All my love,
x x x 

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3 Comments on “Dear Andrew…

  1. I think you have a real find with these postcards. We spend so much time looking for big narratives, filled with meaning, and yet the most poignant are often the ones dismissed as banal. From these postcards a whole range of stories can be unpicked. Why is he making the journey (work I suppose)? What did his family do in his absence? How do you keep a relationship going without WhatsApp, email and Facebook? And where are they all now? I look forward to reading more.

  2. Forgot if we said this already, but thanks for joining 50/50 and get on that writing so we can read your books!

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