Dear Andrew…

One of my best finds in an auction was a box of postcards. They were all written on and, among them, I rooted out a collection of cards from 1963-4. They were sent by a man to his family, as he travelled around Asia, Australia and New Zealand for six months. They were numbered, so I know I don’t have them all, but they make for quite a sweet story.

This is the first one sent, I assume, to his wife. Most of the later ones are addressed to his two sons, Andrew and Alastair.

1st September 1963, 7:45pm
Istanbul, Turkey

Arrived here 5.30 p.m. Your time, 7.30 p.m. Here: temperature 72
ᴼF – don’t you wish you were with me.
All the Turkish curios seem to be very expensive – these postcards cost 1/- each.
I shall think of you putting Alastair to bed, when we take off again in about half an hour. Hope Andrew has a good birthday.
All love to all

See the full collection here.

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