Today I just had to share my latest find with you. Last weekend I went to a car boot sale. On one of the stalls, nestled amongst children’s toys and miscellaneous ironmongery, I spotted a set of books. A six-volume hardback set of Arabian Nights, to be specific, and I knew just by looking at them that they were Folio Editions.

I walked past, thought about it for a bit, and decided to find out the price. I was sure they would charge at least £20 – even though I knew they were definitely worth more – and I was all ready to produce my notes as I asked the woman what she wanted for them.

“Three pounds.”

I pretended to ponder for a second, looked them over and then bought them. A bit of research has revealed that the Folio Society doesn’t sell this set any more, but I’ve since found it (used) on eBay for anything from £70 to £180. I’m not usually one to natter about bargains but BLOODY HELL this was good.

Anyway, here are some photos of my beautiful purchase.



The set comes in two boxes (most Folio books have protective boxes). This is the decoration on one of them.



Because the boxes have taken most of the battering throughout the years, the books inside are in mint condition.



The full set, and one of the beautiful illustrations inside.

Can’t wait to start reading these (and yes, I will be counting one volume as one book!).

- gildius -